Zoho CRM to copy Act! - finally.

04.02.2021 10:39 AM Comment(s) By Michael Moldofsky

zCRM to split Tasks, Calls, and Meetings as modules.

Activities modules will be split into three individual modules: Tasks, Calls, and Meetings to make it easy for the customers to access and work.

Here are the list of benefits that you will experience with this split-up :

1. Mass delete records: As Tasks, Calls, and meetings will be listed separately, you will be able to mass delete the records from individual module. Unlike the current set up where you don't have the option to bulk delete of records in the Activities module.

2. Profile permission: A user can be given access to either of the modules based on their daily activities. For example, a call centre agent can be given access to the Calls module only. The task and meetings modules can be restricted for his profile.

3. Reports: Individual reports can be generated for the Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules.

4. Dashboards: Individual components can be created for Tasks, Calls and Meetings.

5. Homepage components: In homepage, users can create components for Calls, Meetings and Tasks module individually.

In spite of this split-up, there will be a few places where the Tasks, Calls and Meetings will be grouped together to give better context to the user:

1. Record details page (Open Activities and Closed Activities)

2. Info section in the tasks, calls, meetings details page.

What are the changes you can expect?
For new CRM users:
This change will reflect for new CRM users once the feature is live and they will find Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules. They will not have the Activities module.

For existing CRM users:
For the existing CRM users, we will retain the Activities module and also show Tasks, Calls and Meetings module so that customers have sufficient time to adapt to the changes and also get used to using these modules individually. In the Activities module, you will not be able to create/edit custom views. Open/Closed Activities Related list cannot be customized. Eventually, the Activities module will be discontinued.

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