Some of us are former Act! employees.
​All of us LOVE Zoho.
CRM consultants since 1999.

Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu with Michael Moldofsky
Zoho CEO and founder Sridhar Vembu with Michael Moldofsky

Michael Moldofsky

Rocket Scientist

World Famous Act! Certified Consultant

Zoho Advanced Partner
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He once worked for Act!. Michael has spoken with over 30,000 people about CRM and helped train new and existing Act! Certified Consultants.  As a Zoho fan boy (pictured her with the CEO of Zoho), he's our project lead for Zoho/Zoho One.  Born in Los Angeles, Michael graduated from  Bushnell University in Eugene, Oregon. 

Joshua Samuel with CEO Sridhar Vembu
Meet Marshall Hayes!

Joshua Samuel

Act!  Certified Consultant 
Zoho Support Manager certified in  Zoho CRM for Admins, Zoho Projects,  Zoho Campaigns

Joshua, like Michael, is also a former Act! employee. He has worked with over 5000 Act! customers. This is a man who knows how to get YOUR Act! together.  

Marshall Hayes

Diamond Level, Act! Certified Consultant

Zoho Authorized Partner
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Marshall has been CRM consulting since 2005. His ability to translate client needs into working CRM systems has helped many customers reach new heights with their CRM.  He lives in Portland, Oregon.  

Carol Welch

Act! Consultant

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Carol loves her dog Taylor.  He doesn't really understand financial complexities and offer practical business solutions like Carol.  She knows the front office (Sales & CRM) and the back office (QuickBooks) even better.  She recently moved to Texas to be near her grandkids.

Lester Fajardo

Zoho  Certified  Creator Developer

Zoho  Advanced Partner

Lester has been programming since the age of 11.  He's fluent in Deluge, Zoho Creator, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Spanish, PHP, Java, Javascript, C#/VB, Act!, Mobile Development, Crystal Reports, Tableu, PowerBI, Zoho, Salesforce, Dynamics, Suite CRM, and ETC.  
He knows almost everything.  Plus, he has a degree in Accounting.
  Sí, hablo Español!

Bob Purdy

Act! Certified  Consultant

Zoho Authorized Partner

Bob has been CRM consulting for over 20 years. Setups, customization, and training are second nature to him.