Active Sales Technology was founded in Los Angeles in 1999.

Some of us are former Act! employees. 
​All of us LOVE ZOHO.
Projects are implemented by the most experienced people available.

Michael Moldofsky

Rocket Scientist

World Famous Act! Certified Consultant

Zoho Authorized Partner
Zoho CRM Certified

Michael has 25+ years of sales experience in Software, Radio Stations, and AT&T.  He used to work for Act! Technical Support. Michael has spoken with over 30,000 people about Act! and helped train new and existing Act! Certified Consultants. Born in Los Angeles, Michael graduated from University in Eugene, Oregon. He's our project lead for Zoho and Zoho One.

Kurt Rosemann

Act! Certified Consultant

Kurt spent 16 years working for Act! before joining our team. He’s great with Act!, SQL, and database repair. He once lived in Australia for 10 years. He lives outside of Portland, Oregon. Go DUCKS!

Lester Fajardo

Zoho Certified Creator Developer

Senior Programmer

Lester has been programming since the age of 11.  He's fluent in Oracle, My SQL, MS SQL, Spanish, PHP, Java, Javascript, C#/VB, Deluge/Creator, Act!, Mobile Development, Crystal Reports, Tableu, PowerBI, Zoho, Salesforce, Dynamics, Suite CRM, and ETC.  We hope you can see he knows almost everything.  

Jacqueline Zimmermann

Act! Certified Consultant

Jax has been supporting teams worldwide since 1998 with knowledgeable experience in all Act! versions  back to the original DOS.  Her key strengths are in Training, Customized modules, and Database Hosting. She’s the tiniest team member – originally from the Midwest, has visited all 50 States, however, loves sunny Southern California the most!

James Cooper

Chief Architect


Act! Certified Consultant

James is a former Act! Support person turned Internet Security expert. With core competence in Linux, Unix, and Windows, he focuses today on Network Security and Anti-Virus protection. James studied law enforcement at Western Oregon State University (WOSU) and criminal justice in NY at Iona College. He is our biggest geek.