A slew of new Zoho features for 2020

07.01.2020 04:40 PM Comment(s) By Michael Moldofsky

Zoho has added dozens of NEW features

I feel this is the largest release of quality and quantity since I started working with Zoho.

The splashy page with pretty pictures is LINKED HERE.

This online help and deeper descriptions are LINKED HERE.

These are the topics listed below:

  • Web form Analytics 
  • Marketing Attribution 
  • Cohort Analysis
  • Quadrant Analysis
  • Workflow Suggestions by Zia (Zoho AI)
  • Web form A/B Testing
  • Workflow Usage Reports
  • Record Owner Suggestions by Zia in Assignment Rules
  • Multiple Sales Pipelines (THIS IS A HOT NEW FEATURE)
  • Zia Recommendations
  • CommandCenter
  • Segmentation (RFM Model)
  • Review Process
  • Zia for Emails
  • Zia Vision
  • Zia Prediction Builder
  • Wizards (Great for CALL CENTERS) 
  • Signals
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