Five new free Act! Add-ons were announced by Canadian company Keystroke.

  • Colour Coordinator: Helps you better organize your team's calendar by assigning each user a particular colour (yes, that's how they spell colour). What's even better is...
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ZPortals is a portal builder for Zoho.  This is very popular within the Zoho community. It's easy to use and inexpensive.  The portal builder connects and displays data from 10+ Zoho apps all in one website portal. 
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Just a small announcement about how we are doing with our partner programs.

Act! has promoted us to Diamond Level. Only 6 out of 130 reach this level. We are in the club!

Zoho has promoted us to Advance Partner. Less than 5% reach this level.

End of the bragging now...  thanks for reading. 

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I noticed a relevant blog post by an old acquaintance that I felt I should share. 
I'm sure both SF and MS fans would each find some points objectionable so this may make the assessment fair.
Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Ultimate Objective Comparison
-Steve Chipman
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The ecommerce portal allows you to purchase annual subscriptions of Act! Premium v24.  You should ASK ME if you qualify for a PROMO! 


Also below is a purchase link for Act! Pro v24.  We will not be marketing to Pro customers.  This link is provided in the event you elect t...

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Yes can get Act! Pro version 24.  You pay once. It's a perpetual serial number.

PRO is not in the cloud. PRO is on your PC. You don't pay a subscription.
We can help you install the upgrade. It takes 30-60 minutes. We charge for this help.

You can call us for HELP @ 877-569-8005

Get the download w/...

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The Latest Version of ACT PRO v24 is downloadable.
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Well... You just need to call us.  

It happens.  You forgot your ACT password.  Call us.

We charge $87.50 to help hack your ACT! password when you lose the ACT! Password. 

We GUARENTEE success. 

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Just one thing to say... Here is my presentation - LINK HERE.

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Act! has been a subscription application since May of 2015. The only exception is ACT! PRO v22 which is no longer for sale on the ACT website.  We still have access to a few copies but this is going to end by the end of summer.  The cost is going to be $369.99.

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The Act! company only has subscription versions of their product. Even self-hosted (aka on-premise) is charged subscription.

If you're single user or just a small team of a few people, for the next few months we can get the PRO edition of Act!.
You buy it and you own it. There is NO recurring s...

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Activities modules will be split into three individual modules: Tasks, Calls, and Meetings to make it easy for the customers to access and work.

Here are the list of benefits that you will experience with this split-up :

1. Mass delete records: As Tasks, Calls, and meetings will be listed se...

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I feel this is the largest release of quality and quantity since I started working with Zoho.

The splashy page with pretty pictures is LINKED HERE.

This online help and deeper descriptions are LINKED HERE.

These are the topics listed below:

  • Web form Analytics 
  • Marketing Attribution 
  • Cohort ...
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Zoho Buzz has been out for six months. Zoho's monthly newsletter shares some of noteworthy business highlights to keep you informed about all things Zoho. Ok so the link?  Here you go:
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Contingency is a great teacher.  Zoho has its 8000 staff all working from HOME! As Zoho and rest of the world embraces remote work with urgently put together work from home (WFH) policies in view of the Coronavirus scare, they have taken the decision to roll out theremote work toolkit ...
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I don't know where the idea that Zoho sucks could ever be uttered.  I found a really good article by Brian Solis  This is a sweet little read on the latest down low on Zoho and Zoho One.   Link HERE:  

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I found this sales info page about switching from to Zoho.  I get it. 

Zoho One is 1/5th the cost of
Zoho will do the migration for free if you have more than five users!
Why not Switch to a Smarter, Better, Faster CRM?

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This website,, looks to be the largest selection of Act! add-ons anywhere.  They are created by a global community of certified developers. 

The Act! Marketplace has tools for different industries, categories, and platforms. Whether you're interested in mobility, quotin...
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