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I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and doing general research on a daily basis. Today I came across something complied by Steve Chipman of CRM Switch. These are the six costs selected with owning a CRM:

  1. Buying the CRM also known as vendor assessment is selecting what application is best for your business.
  2. Core subscription expense - this is usually very set and not an unknown cost.
  3. Add-Ins are often needed for mapping in data, mobile solutions, integrations with other apps, and etc. 
  4. Implementation - this is something your IT people usually don't want to do because they don't have experience.
  5. Consider having a part time database admin working 10 hours a week for lots if you have a lot of users.
  6. Post Launch modification - Ongoing imports and continuing improvements. Not has complicated as life, CRM is a journey...

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Act! Premier Trainers - That's us!

We are uniquely qualified to deliver custom Act! training services at your location or in a dedicated training facility, and can develop comprehensive training using your data and real-world examples.
Act! Premier Trainers must successfully pass a specialized trainer course giving them extensive product knowledge, so they're your best resource for Act! training.
 Act! Software Trainer

Did you want training on the Act! Software you purchased?

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We never finish it all in a day - something has to get done tomorrow right? In ACT we roll-over uncompleted tasks to today's calendar (and/or Task List). Here's how:

1. Select Tools > Preferences > Calendar & Scheduling TAB
2. Click Scheduling Preferences > select the Activity type (we only do Calls & To-Dos)
3. Check the box for 'Roll over to today' then click OK
Close and reopen ACT and you'll get the prompt. Watch out - we just did it for a customer where 1400 uncleared calls showed up so hit cancel if you are unsure...

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When you decided to deploy ACT! you probably needed the help of a computer consultant to install and configure the program and you had to purchase a server to host the ACT! database. Hosting ACT! yourself includes ongoing maintenance and frequent upgrades not to mention creating synchronization for remote users and support. In other words, your ACT! life would be much easier if someone else handled all those things and let you run your business? Of course! Simplify your ACT! life and ask us about hosting your database in the cloud. Great for companies that don’t allow ACT on the network or if you work from a place without a server.

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Does your website have Contact Us (Inquiry) forms that visitors fill in and submit? Do you manually type or copy-paste contact and other information from these web form submissions into ACT!?

  • With eMail-Lead Grabber, you can automatically process web form submissions and other email-leads directly into ACT!.
  • eMail-Lead Grabber intelligently extracts name, address, email, phone and other relevant information from web form submissions and automatically creates contacts in ACT! as you receive them.
  • It cuts down the time spent on manual processing of such email leads by atleast 80%. It also eliminates inaccuracies and other hassles associated with manual data entry.
Visit them at

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