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I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and doing general research on a daily basis. Today I came across something complied by Steve Chipman of CRM Switch. These are the six costs selected with owning a CRM:

  1. Buying the CRM also known as vendor assessment is selecting what application is best for your business.
  2. Core subscription expense - this is usually very set and not an unknown cost.
  3. Add-Ins are often needed for mapping in data, mobile solutions, integrations with other apps, and etc. 
  4. Implementation - this is something your IT people usually don't want to do because they don't have experience.
  5. Consider having a part time database admin working 10 hours a week for lots if you have a lot of users.
  6. Post Launch modification - Ongoing imports and continuing improvements. Not has complicated as life, CRM is a journey...

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Sep 12, 2015 admin (0)

If you are going somewhere, find all the contacts in your ACT! Database within "X" miles of any USA zip code! Bevan @ posted our FREE add-on and I totally forgot myself so here it is...

  1. Here are the install instructions he wrote HERE
  2. Get the download HERE

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Aug 14, 2015 admin (0)

Windows 10 and ACT. Ha Ha Ha? We can't recommend anything older than version 17 for Windows 10. There's an old saying how the leading of edge of technology is also the bleeding edge of technology. Yikes? ACT published two documents that ACT customers should read before they upgrade to Windows 10.

Known issues and workarounds for using Act! v17 with Windows 10 LINK HERE

Best practices for using Act! v17 with Windows 10   LINK HERE

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