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Apr 14, 2015 admin (0)

Shhh - FREE HELP with ACT is easy to get and I want to share three ways to find it...

  1. Act Tech support looks up everything at  There's no way anyone can know it all unless you're me. :)
  2. You can post a question at and even better you should search the 60,000 posts already there!
  3. Call me (Michael). No Joke. I'll talk to anyone for FREE for 5 or 10 minutes.  I could find a better hobby but I love what I do so just mention this blog post and call me.
If I left anything out email me!

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Do you auto backup your Act! database?

  • Act! has this easy document that shows how to schedule it: Click Me
  What I worry about is having my external hard drive break or get lost so back it up online for FREE with Dropbox.
  • Signup for a free account at
  • Sign into Dropbox and install the local windows install file
  • Follow the Act! tech document on how to do the backup: Click Me
  • The only change is under Database Backup Options change it to the Dropbox folder!
Steps for the backup fast and easy:
  1. Inside of your database: Click the Tools Menu, select ACTScheduler...
  2. Click Edit Task in the upper left corner
  3. Click Next two times to get the Database Backup Options screen, click Browse
  4. Navigate to the Dropbox folder location (it's in your Favorites in Windows Explorer)
  5. Click Next two times, click Finish

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