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Act! Premier Trainers - That's us!

We are uniquely qualified to deliver custom Act! training services at your location or in a dedicated training facility, and can develop comprehensive training using your data and real-world examples.
Act! Premier Trainers must successfully pass a specialized trainer course giving them extensive product knowledge, so they're your best resource for Act! training.
 Act! Software Trainer

Did you want training on the Act! Software you purchased?

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We never finish it all in a day - something has to get done tomorrow right? In ACT we roll-over uncompleted tasks to today's calendar (and/or Task List). Here's how:

1. Select Tools > Preferences > Calendar & Scheduling TAB
2. Click Scheduling Preferences > select the Activity type (we only do Calls & To-Dos)
3. Check the box for 'Roll over to today' then click OK
Close and reopen ACT and you'll get the prompt. Watch out - we just did it for a customer where 1400 uncleared calls showed up so hit cancel if you are unsure...

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